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FREE Player Only Plays LMS/LMV Files

Learn Songs from Audio

Slow-down, speed up, change the pith, set loop points, and even export pitched audio. Use high quality re-pitch algorithms that preserve formants with various re-pitch options

Learn Songs from MIDI

If you can find the MIDI, then you can learn the chords. The internet has thousands upon thousands of free MIDI files. Just load a MIDI file into MIDIculous and see the notes, score, and chord names.

Free Player for Teachers

MIDIculous Player Highlights

  • Load MIDI Files
  • Slow Down Audio
  • Slow Down MIDI
  • Beautiful Lit Keys
  • Set Root Key
  • Choose Key signature
  • Solfege Notation
  • Score View
  • Chord Names
  • Split Key Colors
  • Note Names
  • Solfege Notation
  • MIDI Input
  • Play LMS Files
  • Save Playlist File
  • Create Loop Points
  • Perserve Formant
  • Re-Pitch Options
  • GM Soundsource
  • VST/AU Instruments
  • Sustain Pedal View
  • Mod Wheel View
  • LMS (Audio+MIDI)
  • LMV (Video+MIDI)
  • Shortcut Keys
  • QWERTY Play
  • Windows and Mac
  • 61/76/88 Key View
  • Multi-Channel MIDI
  • MIDI Forwarding

FREE Player Only Plays LMS/LMV Files

MIDIculous Pro Features

MIDI Player view with video on the side.

Create LMS and LMV files to be able to play back Audio/Video and MIDI at the same time. Use the audio for teaching, the video for fingerings, and the MIDI to display the notes.

Pro users can produce LMS and LMV files for FREE Player users

Load video files (H.264) to be able to slow-down, change the pitch, and set loop points. LMV files will sync audio, video, and MIDI. Produce high quality lesson files for students to learn

Full video view with player controls.

Huge HD Keys with Customizable Key Color Choices

HD Virtual Keys with customizable key colors.


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